Amazon’s period of rapid growth in Seattle is drawing to a close

Amazon is dropping plans to occupy a new Seattle high rise just weeks after its abrupt cancellation of a $2.5 billion campus in New York. The company said yesterday that it would not move into more than 700,000 square feet in a skyscraper under construction in its home town. Amazon, led by founder Jeff Bezos, had agreed in 2017 to rent all 30 floors of office space — with room for at least 3,500 employees — in Rainier Square, which will become the second-tallest building in the Pacific Northwest when it opens next year… The project became a point of tension in May, however, when Amazon clashed with Seattle’s city council over a tax on top employers to fund affordable housing and homeless services. Amazon suspended construction work in the city and warned it might sublease rather than occupy the Rainier Square space, saying the tax “forces us to question our growth here”. Amid pressure from Amazon and other large Seattle companies, the council repealed the tax and Amazon resumed its construction projects… The decision is another indication that Amazon’s long period of rapid growth in Seattle is drawing to a close. The company has fuelled economic expansion, job creation and development as it has grown to employ more than 45,000 people and occupy about 40 buildings in the northwestern US city. 
Shannon Bond