Google is withdrawing YouTube from Amazon

Google is withdrawing its popular YouTube app from Amazon’s smart speaker and video streaming devices, the latest skirmish in a rare public battle between the tech titans that are increasingly butting heads over TV and gadgets. Google, which is owned by Alphabet, said yesterday that the decision to block YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV was due to a “lack of reciprocity” from Amazon, and followed failed attempts to reach an agreement over mutual access to products and services for customers of both companies… The two companies are selling competing gadgets that connect users TVs to the internet. Google’s device is called Chromecast, and has 36.9 million US users… while Amazon’s Fire TV has 35.8 million users in the US. But YouTube is a heavy piece of leverage for California-based Google. The original video streaming site gets the attention of more than 95 per cent of people that stream videos… although viewers may use more than one video service… Amazon and Google are also competing in cloud computing as well as the market for home assistants — Amazon’s Alexa versus Google Home. There have been deals between big tech companies in the world of smart assistants. In August, Amazon teamed up with Seattle neighbour Microsoft to allow their Alexa and Cortana digital assistants to communicate and work together across a range of devices.
Chloe Cornish