A global race to develop digital mapping technologies

A map platform developer backed by Japan’s biggest carmakers has agreed to acquire Detroit-based rival Ushr amid a global race to develop digital mapping technologies for self-driving cars. The deal comes amid an intensifying battle between Google, traditional carmakers, Silicon Valley startups and Chinese rivals to collect accurate data on roads and develop specialised 3D maps that will provide a key advantage in the era of autonomous vehicles. Dynamic Map Platform, which is funded by an all-Japan consortium including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and government backed Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, said the deal will “establish a single, enhanced platform for accelerated development and delivery of high-definition mapping solutions”… Ushr is a company with 60 employees which provided General Motors with high-definition maps covering major highways in Canada and US, enabling the US carmaker to develop its hands-free driving technology Super Cruise. DMP did not disclose the size of the deal but a Nikkei report published prior to the announcement valued it at almost ¥20 billion ($181 million).
Kana Inagaki