A satire about how to sell to millennials

The story of Dirty Lemon sometimes sounds like a satire about how to sell things to millennials. The four-year-old brand sells its 16-ounce colourful plastic bottles of lemon water by text message, in packs of six, for $65… The water, made with upscale ingredients such as hibiscus and Himalayan pink sea salt, comes in 14 varieties, purporting to boost sleep, focus, reduce wrinkles or to “improve your everyday routine.” One is described as “a daily beauty elixir formulated with four grams of hydrolysed marine collagen.”… New customers visit the Dirty Lemon website once, to link a credit card to their phone number. After that, they simply text their order to the company’s computers… Ordering by SMS — ‘short message service’ or text — is called “conversational commerce” and according to eMarketer it is “proving to be one of the most effective” means of reaching consumers. In-app messages are seven more likely to reach users than an email, for instance… Coke gets it. In December the drinks giant led a $15 million investment round into Dirty Lemon’s parent, Iris Nova… Iris Nova was valued at $60 million and has attracted high-profile venture capital groups including Greycroft, which said it was in a position to “make a monumental shift” in the consumer packaged goods industry. 

Patrick McGee