Amazon is starting to sell its cashier-less technology

Amazon is starting to sell its cashier-less shopping technology to other retailers, offering them camera systems that automatically record what shoppers pick up and walk out with… The system allows customers to enter shops by scanning their credit card. Once inside, cameras and shelf-weight monitors track what they pick up and bill them accordingly. If the customer wants a receipt, they will need to enter their email address at a kiosk. The card and customer is then stored for future visits. Amazon has several motivations for sharing its cashier-free technology, considered the most sophisticated among its competitors. As well as selling the technology itself — the cost of which was not divulged by the company — the Just Walk Out system runs on Amazon’s cloud computing platform, a segment that drove two-thirds of the company’s operating income in the last quarter. The decision also opens up avenues for Amazon to collect more data on consumer habits beyond its own stores, and a greater number of stores using the technology will increase its reliability and accuracy through machine learning… Amazon’s entry into the grocery sector with the purchase of Whole Foods in 2017 has prompted other supermarkets to accelerate their digital plans. 

Dave Lee and Jonathan Eley