Augmented reality contact lenses raised more than $100 million

A Silicon Valley start-up is developing augmented reality contact lenses that will give users real- time information from the web, in the latest development in wearable technologies that aim to close the gap between man and machine. Mojo Vision, an ambitious start-up that was founded in 2015 and has since raised more than $100 million, demonstrated the technology last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, allowing visitors to look through a prototype as well as testing a simulation of the user interface. The lenses look much like their traditional counterparts, but are packed with technology, including a micro-LED screen, a microprocessor, wireless communication and a variety of sensors. They are operated by eye movements, where users glance at functions on a “home screen” in order to select them… Once calibrated, the home screen — a green ring full of functions — is activated by glancing sideways, while options can be selected by looking at them… The lenses do not have a camera and cannot record anything, but they are equipped with an image sensor that looks outward. With more development, Mojo said the sensor could recognise faces so it could pull up information about people and aid in conversation. 

Patrick McGee