This Christmas Amazon will deliver with the “Amazon One”

cargo jets

Christmas is always Amazon’s busiest period and this year it is gearing up to deliver an estimated 220 million packages in the US alone. This  time, however, the logistical challenge will be helped by something new: a huge cargo jet dubbed “Amazon One” that is painted in its trademark blue and gold colours and bears the tail number “N1997A”, a reference to the year Jeff Bezos founded the ecommerce company. Chartering its own planes is a sign of the lengths to which the company is going as it seeks more control over its logistics network… Over the past few years the company has expanded its logistics capabilities and taken more hands-on control, adding not only planes but also truck trailers and fleets of urban drivers (and drones ndr). This is a costly strategy, and one that carries fresh risks if things go wrong… Improving its logistics network is crucial for Amazon’s profitability. In the past 12 months, Amazon’s net losses from shipping alone came to $6.4 billion, and those losses have been growing faster than sales.


Leslie Hook and Claire Manibog