DB Schenker is waiting regulatory approval for all-electric driverless trucks

Einride, a Swedish autonomous vehicle start-up and DB Schenker, a German logistics group, are expecting regulatory approval within weeks to allow an all-electric driverless truck to carry freight on a public road. The two groups said the permit, anticipated in January, would be a world first. A pilot phase has been in operation since early November… The 7.5-tonne “smart container on wheels” is called the T-Pod. It has no steering wheel or foot pedal — or driver cabin, which can be half the cost of a truck — offering more room for freight. Powered by the Nvidia Drive platform, a graphic card that will process real-time, high-resolution visual data from the sensors and radar, the vehicle is considered “Level 4” autonomous. An operator, sitting hundreds of miles away, can supervise up to 10 vehicles at once and take over when needed to navigate difficult terrain. To achieve “Level 5”, a vehicle must operate without a driver in all conditions… Einride has 55 employees, mostly engineers. As well as the T-Pod for goods, the T-Log, its newest model, can haul up to 16,000 kilograms of timber over forest roads. Einride has no intention of selling the vehicles; it leases them and works with clients on a service model.

Patrick McGee