For the 1st time mobile overtakes desktop in retail traffic

For the first time mobile will overtake desktop in online traffic to retail websites and apps this holiday season in the US, commanding a 53 per cent share of visits, with Black Friday this week providing a key indication of consumer demand… (as during China’s Singles Day sale). However, the shift to mobile is not simple for companies or consumers. The experience on devices such as smartphones can be a frustrating one when it comes to filling in forms, adding goods to baskets or checking a product in detail. As a result, mobile traffic is not being converted into revenues at the same pace — just 34 per cent of sales in the final two months of the year are expected to be made through mobile devices… The shift to mobile presents a double-edged sword for retailers from Walmart to Macys. The transition is inevitable as so many consumers now spend so much time with a smartphone to hand, while millennials are the biggest group of consumers… But the use of smartphones is also becoming increasingly important for in-store purchases…


Lindsay Whipp