For every big number Amazon announces there is a hole

For every big number Amazon announces there is a hole where one is missing. The $972 billion company’s recentsales hullabaloo Prime Day was record-breaking, with 175 million items sold. Yet Amazon will not say how much revenue the event generates. Prime Day is supposed to drive new subscribers to Amazon’s Prime membership scheme — the foundation for its growth in ecommerce. Yet it has not given an update to subscriber numbers since early 2018. These gaps tend to be passed over because the company is one of the fastest-growing big tech stocks… Still,revenue growth is not what it was… Even its cloud computing division Amazon Web Services is looking less sprightly. Competition from Microsoft and Google mean Amazon has to spend more to lock down new clients… Analysing the company’s recalibration of revenues and margins would be a lot easier if it was open about the growth in Prime subscribers. Spending over $800 million on logistics in the last quarter contributed to costs jumping a fifth on the previous year… Yetspeedy shipping is worth investing in. It will keep Amazon ahead of online retail rivals and dig a bigger moat for competitors to contemplate. Giving up recent record-breaking margins is a fair exchange for the longer-term pay-offs.