Google has taken a step to reposition its cloud

Google has taken an important step to reposition its cloud computing business, echoing IBM as it struggles to catch up with market leaders Amazon and Microsoft. The cloud division — which runs computing tasks for companies and governments in Google’s own data centres — has become one of the company’s most important new businesses. But it was late to take the cloud market seriously and the division has a market share of only about 3 per cent, compared to the 52 per cent of market leader Amazon Web Services… Yesterday Google announced Anthos, new software that allows its customers to move their computing workloads between its cloud platform, their own data centres, and the competing clouds of Amazon and Microsoft. The shift marks an admission that, while dominant on the consumer internet, the company is still far from being at the centre of the enterprise computing universe. IBM… signed up to a similar strategy late last year when it announced the $34 billion acquisition of open source software company RedHat. Since missing out on becoming a significant cloud player in its own right, IBM has sought to position itself as a neutral force between the leading cloud platforms. This is the same “multi-cloud” strategy that Google is following by trying to co-opt its rivals’ clouds rather than replace them outright.
Richard Waters