Google is launching its “stories” following Snapchat and Instagram

Google is ramping up its efforts to make the web work more like a smartphone app, launching its own version of the “stories” format popular on Snapchat and Instagram that promises publishers a wider audience for visual narratives and additional income from advertising. The technology company is introducing a vertical, image-heavy format for publishers that can appear anywhere on the web. The move comes as media and technology companies are racing to create new ways of displaying stories on smartphones, where people are consuming ever more news and entertainment… Google’s introduction of a stories format is another salvo in its fight to keep content on the open web, where it makes money, rather than locked in “walled garden” apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Apple News… Media companies are under increasing pressure from Google and Facebook, which account for the majority of the digital advertising market and nearly all its growth… Google is the latest company to create its own version of the “stories” format that Snapchat pioneered. Snapchat, which started as a person-to-person disappearing messaging app, in 2013 began allowing users to post stories… Since then, Facebook has rolled out copycats of stories in Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and its own main app. Twitter recently introduced advertising sponsorships of its own visually rich format, Moments… 
Shannon Bond