Huawei is struggling to replace Google apps

Huawei is struggling to replace Google apps on its mobile phones after being hit by US sanctions, the company’s executives have admitted, saying it will be years before they can develop their own alternatives. The Chinese telecoms company, which is in the middle of a global technology war between Washington and Beijing, is being hurt by the US export ban… Senior executives from Huawei US said they had been able to find replacements for much of the equipment they used to buy from the US, but not the computing services sold by Google… Officials in the Trump administration say they believe Huawei poses a risk to national security since its equipment could be used by Beijing for spying. This year it imposed an export ban that prevents companies from selling it US-made parts… Huawei has continued to grow despite the sanctions, however, and last week announced that its sales had surged 27 per cent over the past year. Customers with existing Huawei mobile phones are still able to access Google’s Play app store, Google Maps and other products provided by Google Mobile Services, because of a temporary exemption that allows US suppliers to continue to service existing equipment. But these services are not available on new Huawei models. 

Kiran Stacey