Microsoft and Sony have joined forces against Google, Amazon and Apple

Microsoft and Sony have put almost two decades of rivalry aside and joined forces against Google, Amazon and Apple, as the world’s biggest technology companies prepare to do battle over the $135 billion video games market. The tentative alliance between Sony and Microsoft — who said they would jointly explore “future cloud solutions” and collaborate on games and other content streaming — brings together two companies whose PlayStation and Xbox consoles have dominated the gaming market. The partnership may see the two providing a unified platform on which games developers could simultaneously produce games for both Sony and Microsoft systems, giving the companies a potentially decisive edge as newcomers race to secure enough content to make their rival offerings attractive… In March, Google threw down a potentially huge challenge to the industry incumbents by revealing its plan for a games streaming service called Stadia. That was followed by Apple’s unveiling of Arcade, a games subscription service for iPhones, in which it is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to secure exclusive titles. Both services are slated to launch by the end of this year, with speculation growing that Amazon may also be developing its own games platform.
Leo Lewis and Tim Bradshaw