Netflix push towards original content means more success stories!?

Netflix has always been leery about releasing viewership ratings. With no advertisers to impress, the only numbers the streaming service needs to publish are subscriptions. But its push towards more original content means more publicity for success stories. Netflix has been more than happy to boast that a record 45 million accounts streamed new release Bird Box in its first week… Profits and subscriptions are rising but the one thing that continues to elude Netflix is self-sustainability… Even if revenue jumps 25 per cent to almost $20 billion this year, Netflix still expects negative cash flow of more than $3 billion… Still, a run of successful Christmas programming and an enthusiastic recommendation from Goldman Sachs helped push the share price up more than 10 per cent in the first week of the year to within touching distance of $300… At least the company’s enormous spend on content will differentiate it as more rivals start to circle. Amazon, Hulu and new streaming services from Apple and Disney cannot compete with Netflix’s catalogue. To keep the numbers up Netflix should think about leaving the prestige Oscar bait to one side. A long-running series will attract more subscriptions… At the very least someone should be commissioning Bird Box 2.