Porsche has unveiled its first all-electric sports car

Porsche has unveiled its first all-electric sports car, the first mainstream battery vehicle from a performance brand seeking to challenge the dominance of Tesla in the premium market. The Taycan will spearhead the luxury end of a €50 billion electric push by parent company Volkswagen, which is seeking to banish memories of its diesel cheating scandal by embracing electric technology. VW, the world’s largest carmaker with an array of brands from Seat to Audi and Bentley, wants a quarter of its vehicles to run on battery power by 2025.  Porsche has set a similarly ambitious goal that half of all Porsche sports cars sold by 2025 will have an electric engine, whether a pure battery vehicle or a hybrid… Porsche is the first major car from a performance brand to dispose of an internal combustion engine in one of its mainstream vehicles… The cheaper of the two Taycan variants unveiled yesterday, the Turbo model, costs about $150,000, while the higher specification Turbo S will cost $185,000… Porsche says the Taycan is able to drive 450 kilometers on a single charge with the largest available battery size of 93kWh, as well as accelerate to 200 kilometers-per-hour frequently without losing significant charge. 

Peter Campbell