Samsung has purchased an artificial intelligence company

Samsung has purchased an ambitious artificial intelligence company founded by the core team that created Apple’s Siri digital assistant, jumping into a market that has become the latest battleground for tech companies (followings Intel, Apple and Google moves, ndr.). The purchase of Viv, a four-year old start-up based in Silicon Valley, yesterday came the day after Google threw down a challenge to the South Korean company by revealing its first high-end smartphones. The search company held up its own new digital assistant as the most important feature of the new devices, highlighting AI’s growing importance as a competitive advantage in the smartphone market. The deal adds to Samsung’s recent acquisition streak — which has included the purchase of SmartThings, LoopPay (the base of Samsung Pay ndr) and Joyent to support mobile, internet of things and cloud services — as it seeks to make up for its weakness in software and service. Samsung said the purchase is part of a broader vision to deliver an AI-based open ecosystem across all of its devices and services.


Richard Waters