Snapchat is becoming popular for political advertising

Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular platform for political advertising, as campaigns seek to target younger audiences and take advantage of the detailed user data the messaging app offers. The social media app, which is actively used by more than 200 million people, has seen a jump in political advertising revenues in the past few months, according to figures from the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics (CRP). This has been boosted in part… by Snapchat’s younger demographic of users. But some say it is also being fuelled by the fact that Snapchat continues to allow advertisers to target highly specific groups of people, even as other platforms consider pulling back from doing so in the face of intense criticism… According to the CRP’s figures, Snapchat has sold $5.4 million worth of political advertising this year, $3.6 million of which has come in the past three months. Between mid-2018… until mid-September this year, when it launched a more detailed ad library, it took in just $2.5 million. Over the same period, Google has made tens of millions of dollars through political adverts, while Facebook has taken in hundreds of millions. But revenues at both of those companies have held steady over the past year, while those at their smaller rival have grown strongly. 

Kiran Stacey and Hannah Murphy