Snapchat has unveiled its sunglasses

Snapchat, the app used for rapid fire exchange of selfies and stories, has unveiled its first ever hardware product, launching sunglasses with an integrated video camera named Spectacles. The company also announced it had changed its name to Snap, as it tries to move beyond its app for disappearing messages and 24-hour collections of photos to redefining photography in the internet age. Snap said… it had created one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world. The glasses — which come in black, teal and coral — will cost $129.99 and are not expected to be a significant revenue driver at first. Snapchat is in the early days of generating revenue from advertising (e.g. in Olympic Games, often competing with Facebook and Twitter). The new photos will be circular with a 115 degree field of view, capturing all that human eyes can see in a scene (see also: “Is Snapchat building augmented reality?“). Spectacles can take one day’s worth of snaps on a single charge and connect directly to Snapchat via Bluetooth or WiFi.
Hannah Kuchler