Tencent partner with a Nintendo affiliate behind the Pokémon

Tencent Holdings, China’s largest games company, will partner with a Nintendo affiliate behind the Pokémon franchise to develop new games, strengthening its relationship with an industry titan as stricter regulations make the Chinese market tougher to navigate. Japan’s Pokémon Company will team with Tencent unit Timi Studio Group, which developed the smash hit mobile game Honour of KingsThe announcement gave no details about game content or launch dates. But given Tencent’s plans to sell the Nintendo Switch in China, a game for that console could be on the cards Pokémon announced in February the next pair of big releases in the namesake series. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are scheduled to come out for the Switch on November 15. Tencent’s strengths lie in mobile and personal computer games and it has little experience with consoles. But Chinese authorities have cracked down on online games, citing concerns about their impact on young people. Analysts see the tie-up with Nintendo, a leading maker of consoles for decades, as an effort by Tencent to expand its business into an area that may be less politically tricky. 

Takashi Kawakami (Nikkei staff writer)