Tesla Motors delivered only 208 of Model X

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors delivered only 208 of its new Model X crossover sport utility vehicle in the final quarter of 2015 as it raced to expand the car’s production… The pace of the production ramp-up for the X left the company short of its hoped-for overall sales target in the period… The X was launched at the end of September and is built on the same platform as the other vehicle Tesla has in production, the S sedan. However, its doors lift vertically and this and other features, such as an extra row of seats, have added to production complexity… The Q4 delivery shortfall left Tesla with 50,580 deliveries for 2015 as a whole, in the lower half of the 50,000-52,000 range it had predicted… Elon Musk, chief executive officer, has repeatedly said the pace of the production rise for the X would be determined by the company’s ability to reach its quality goals.


Richard Waters