The mapping service owned by German carmakers launches Social Mobility

Here Technologies, the digital mapping service purchased for €2.8 billion by German carmakers in 2015, launched a new transportation app yesterday which aims to dethrone Uber and Lyft by “democratising” transport. The new app, SoMo — short for Social Mobility — is a neutral platform that has already signed up more than 500 third parties to get people from A to B, regardless of whether they need e-scooters, cars, public transport, robotaxis or anything else… SoMo lets users plan where they need to be, then choose from a host of private and public transport services to get them there, akin to Google Maps. But unlike the dominant ride-hailing groups, SoMo is also a social media network, connecting friends who are attending the same gatherings… SoMo launched yesterday in 15 western cities including London, Barcelona, Athens, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The plan is to add 5-10 cities per month, in a rollout aimed at ensuring the services offered run correctly. Participating companies include City-Fleet in London and PideTaxi in Spain. Lufthansa’s Eurowings, the first airline to sign up, will allow flyers to book their post-flight trip before they step on the plane. The app is designed to notify its partners if the flight has a delayed arrival, then re-book if necessary. 
Patrick McGee