Uber aims to become an integral part of your daily life

Uber no longer wants just to deliver you or your dinner from point A to point B (UberEats). Its new app aims to become an integral part of your daily life, including anticipating where you want to go, telling you where your friends are and suggesting things you may want to eat. Uber users will be able to link to their calendars, track friends’ locations, and find information such as reviews and news at their destinations as the ride-hailing service seeks to build its business beyond simple transportation. The new services highlight Uber’s ambition to connect to more facets of its passengers’ lives. Users will need to opt in to the calendar and friend-locating features… Uber’s app will start to predict where its users are likely to go at certain times, and make suggestions based on past trips to recommend the most convenient pick-up and drop-off points. The new app will also work more closely with partners. Services from Yelp, a review site, Snapchat, the messaging service, and music-streaming app Pandora will become closely integrated.


Leslie Hook