Uber Eats is accelerating into grocery delivery

Uber’s Eats unit is accelerating its push into grocery delivery, striking new alliances with retailers including French supermarket Carrefour, as it looks to offset the decline in its ride-hailing business because of the coronavirus lockdown. The San Francisco-based company is this week launching rapid deliveries of food, toiletries and cleaning products in a wide range of locations around the world, from Brazil to France.Traditional supermarket delivery services have become overwhelmed in recent weeks by panic buying, forcing customers to schedule orders several weeks in advance. Uber is not competing with those services directly but instead aims to deliver a smaller range of essential items within as little as 30 minutes… Uber’s move into supermarket deliveries, which brings it into closer competition with the likes of Amazon, is not an entirely new strategy. It tested the concept in select markets such as Australia last year. But the pandemic has accelerated those plans… Pricing of the items available on Uber Eats will be set by retailers. Customers will be able to place orders using the platform’s app, website or by phone call. The coronavirus outbreak has hit the restaurant industry hard, despite hopes that some could offer takeaway food as diners are forced to stay at home. 

Tim Bradshaw