Volkswagen aims to be the the world’s largest maker of electric cars

Whenever a new electric car is unveiled, someone asks whether it is a “Tesla killer”, as the Silicon Valley pioneer is still the company to beat on price, styling and battery power, despite the latest investor worries on sales. Volkswagen has been working on its Tesla killer since late 2015. But its proposed killer is not an electric car. It is the underlying chassis or platform, called MEB — the basic building block for 50 different models VW promises by 2025. Some investors and analysts think the VW chassis, which will be used for the majority of its electric vehicles, may give the German company a vital edge in the new era of battery-powered cars… Of all the traditional car groups, VW is taking the boldest gamble by spending €30 billion on electric cars in the next five years alone. The crux of the investment is MEB, a “skateboard chassis” designed solely for electric vehicles, rather than a combustion engine platform modified to fit batteries. It is a make-or-break event meant to transform it into the world’s largest maker of electric cars as it aims to repeat its success in the combustion engine market, where it has sold more vehicles globally than any other company for four straight years. VW has built more than 50 million cars since 2012 through its 12 brands, including Audi, Skoda and Seat, using its MQB combustion engine chassis. 
Patrick McGee