Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and Ford have joined for an electric charging network

Four of Europe’s largest carmakers have joined forces to roll out a charging network for electric cars in an attempt to boost sales of battery-powered vehicles and help avoid missing CO2 targets that would leave them facing billions of euros in fines. Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and Ford yesterday said they would build 400 charging stations starting next year, with an ambition of having “thousands” available to electric car customers across Europe by the end of the decade before European CO2 rules come into force. The scheme, which is not conditional on government funding or subsidies, is expected to cost more than €1 billion in total… and the companies hope to spread the costs by bringing in other carmakers in the future… Sales of battery electric cars, which are essential to comply with the new rules, are still very low at less than 1 per cent of new car sales across the EU, held back by consumer concerns around the availability of charging infrastructure and speed of recharging, as well as the price of the vehicles.


Peter Campbell