What would you do with Y1 million? From

What would you do with Y1 million? From Monday, one choice facing Japanâ's savers is to open tax-free accounts of up to that amount (roughly $10,000) to invest in stocks, or equity-linked investments such as exchange traded funds….

Should the Nippon Individual Savings Accounts (Nisas) work, then Tokyoâ's market stands a chance of being the worldâ's best-performing big bourse for a second year running… Japan has some $16 trillion of savings… In equity holdings, the contrast with the US is… stark: only 8 per cent of Japanese savings are directly held in equities, compared with a third in the US… Last year, the Topix gained 50 per cent as a weaker yen boosted profits. This year, the trick is not relying on the yen for the heavy lifting. This is where Japanese households come in… Watch this market. The Lex Column
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