Who says Tim Cook lacks ambition?

Who says Tim Cook lacks ambition? Apple’s chief executive is often dismissed for not being a product development visionary like his predecessor. Critics say he is overly-focusing on dividends and stock buybacks. Yet this week Mr Cook took a bold step in revealing that Mac computers will transition away from Intel-designed semiconductor chips to the company’s own “Apple Silicon”. Apple hopes that by having a single chip standard across iPhones, iPads and computers, app developers will be able to create a better experience across its devices. Device sales are uneven. Mac sales were just $12 billion, less than a tenth of the company’s total revenue, in the first two quarters of the year. By contrast, iPhone revenue was nearly 60 per cent… Yet the transition, which is set to take two years, is not without risk. The real test will be whether Mac users like developers, engineer or designers, who requires high performance, notice any problems with the new processor. The average user will almost certainly not be aware of a change in app performance or care whose silicon wafer is inside. Yet it is no small feat for Apple to believe it has the capability to displace Intel. Intel has long been the dominant provider of PC chips. Its Silicon Valley legend (if not its market capitalisation) is just as formidable as Apple’s.